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WP Snowball: Glossary

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WP stands for Wordpress, the free and open source blogging software written in PHP.

WPSB or WP Snowball

WPSB, or WP Snowball is the autoblogging plugin as a whole. (

A "Snowball"

A Snowball is a collection of posts, linked together with styles (this gets bigger over time)

Seed Post or "Level 0" post

A seed (or level 0) post is the post that WP Snowball doesn't make, it's the one that starts the Snowball off. This could be written and posted by you, or another autoblogging tool.

A "Source"

A source is a place that WP Snowball gets something, this could be a content source, media source, link source or ad source.


A level is how many posts any given post is away from the seed post. For example if there were 2 posts in between post X and the source (level 0) post, then the level of X would be 3. (far too many 'posts' in that sentence)

Core KW

A core keyword is a set of single word keywords you enter into the settings to ensure relevancy. You can enter these in the settings tab. When thinking of keywords you want to put - they need to be one word keywords that are unambiguous and relevant only to your niche.


A style is a collection of an HTML and CSS element which gives the look of the link connecting different posts in a Snowball.


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