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Settings: Proxies

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Here you'll find a basic overview of the proxies feature in WP Indexer.

What does a proxy do?

A proxy is used to relay requests so that it looks like the request is coming from the proxies IP, not yours. So - using Indexer, it'll be able to check the posts and if they're indexed, without having to worry about 'noisy IP neighbors'.

You may want to add proxies as your IP is being 'rate limited' by Google. This happens because too many requests are being sent from your IP. You can solve this by entering a proxy into Indexer. Another reason why you'd want to add a proxy is if you're using the external url feature due to the increased requests it needs.

Indexer supports three types of proxies (your provider will be able to tell you which yours are):


Proxy Tunnel

Using a proxy tunnel is more secure, as without this the proxy might send identifiable information with your request (This could contain your IP address etc). Not all proxies support this, but if they do, switch it on for best results.

The security of proxies depends entirely on how it's implements it's requests - so make sure you choose a reputable supplier.

Entering your proxies

To enter your proxies, they need to be in the following format:

So it needs to be IPaddress:port:username:password - as you can see, each section is separated by a ':' (colon).

You can enter multiple proxies by entering one on each line, ensuring there's no empty lines.

Then, select select the type of proxy that you're using (your provider will be able to tell you if you don't know)

And select if you want to use a proxy tunnel (If your proxies support this - turn it on)

Once they're entered, click the 'Test Proxies' button and Indexer will check a random proxy to see that it's working. You should do this to ensure that you've entered correct details.

Click save, and you're done - Indexer will now use a random proxy for each web request.


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