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Campaigns Overview

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This is an overview of the 'Campaigns' tab in WP Indexer. You'll want to read this to get an idea of how the external url feature works, and how it's managed by the campaigns tab.

If you add url's into campaigns - then set up a cronjob, Indexer will help index and check all the url's until they're in Google's index. You'll be able to check at any time the percentage of each campaign that's indexed, not indexed, or not yet checked. Also you'll see at the top a pie chart for overall figures from all your campaigns.

Adding Campaigns

When you click on the 'new campaign' button, a new area will slide down. In this area, name your campaign and enter your URL's.

The area below displays your servers maximum PHP upload settings - if you find entering a number of url's it doesn't add a campaign properly, try entering a lower number of url's. This number is Megabytes, and the information is taken straight from your php.ini file.

Once you've entered your domains and named the campaign, click save and it should create a campaign for you.
If you click save and nothing happens, this could be the following reasons:



You can run the cron by clicking the button - but you'll want this to be done automatically:

Indexer's external url feature doesn't use wp-cron (the regular cron function that wordpress automatically handles), so you'll need to set up a Cron Job on your server. To do this you'll need access to your cpanel (or equivalent).

To start with, you'll need to get the command you'll need to use - this can be found in the plugin by clicking the 'setup a cronjob' button.

Open your cpanel (Or account manager etc), click on CronJobs. The example below is what Go-daddy would look like if you set a cron up for every 30 mins.

Once the cron is set up - all you need to do is check back every now and then to see the progress.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind...



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