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What niches will this work for?

Any niche where you want to improve you position in Google, and as a result - where you want more traffic.

How many blogs can I use this on?

77 blogs. Which means that for investing $1 per blog, one-time, you're getting links for every new post forever.

Can I install this on blogs I sell?

No, not at the moment. The buyer would need his own licence. However there are plans for new features in this area...

Can WP Linker do X?

If you can't see it from the sales page, then checkout the features on the suggestion board, as these will likely be added soon.

How is this different from Onlywire?

Onlywire is a monthly subscription service, that lets you syndicate a new post to other social profiles, all at once, and to only 1 account of each type. WPL is a one-off investment, you can add unlimited accounts and can create drip-fed link wheels, chains & pyramids for every post.

What new features are being developed?

You can see, suggest and vote on all the feature ideas here. I add new ideas there myself to get a feel for what you want, then I add the top ones. So if there's something you want added, that's the place.

Will WPL create accounts automatically?

No. If you've used software that does this before, you'll know that not only do you get banned quite often, but sites change things with the account creation procedure meaning the software has to be updated all the time. Also with account creation you have de-captcha related costs, and I'd prefer to stay away from that.

Can I see a video or live demo?

I'm making both, so you'll be able to see the insides of WPL very soon.


What are the technical requirements?

  • Wordpress 3.3+
  • PHP 5.2+
  • Ioncube Loaders
  • cURL PHP extension
  • safe_mode off

Does this work with WPMU and WPMS?

Not tested currently, but I don't foresee any issues. If you find a bug let me know and I'll fix it for you.

Will this work on Wordpress.COM?

You can't install the plugin there, but you can use it to syndicate to if you've got an account.

Is the plugin encoded with Ioncube?

Yes, to help protect it, so I can afford to continue supporting and developing it for you.

Do I need proxies?

Not usually. If you're on shared hosting and you've got abusive neighbors then you might have issues yes. But proxy support is something I'll be adding shortly (within 10 days I think).

Will I need captcha breaking services?

No. You normally only need these if you're automatically creating account (which WPL doesn't do).


What type of links does WPL get?

There's a focus on blogging, bookmarking and microblogging right now, but almost any source can be added. Let me know if you've got a specific one you want integrated. The current list of sites WPL submits to is:
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • Diigo
  • LiveJournal
  • Delicious
The specific format of the links will vary from site to site. For example, on the bookmarking sites we don't get any options to format the link, but can usually submit a description alongside it. In this case we submit the first few hundred words of the post content. Others like Twitter don't allow as much flexibility, so we tweet the post title and the URL with some randomness in the specific formatting built in.

How relevant are the links?

The links from are high quality sites, alongside related content. It's related because it's a snippet from your original blog post, and as the keywords used are from the post tags - it's always 100% relevant.

Can I use my own keywords?

Right now the keywords used to link back to differ slightly from source to source, but we use the post tags most of the time. There's a feature suggestion on the board to add the ability to copy and paste in a big list of keywords. A few of the details need working out, so if you're interested in this please vote for the feature and we can talk about the implementation.


Is the content spun?

No. Spinning isn't really A-Grade yet (from any publicly available tool), so I hesitate to add it as an option. It just needs a couple of settings to be off with a particular spinning tool and you get garbage out, which won't look good on your social profiles.

Will this work on non-English blogs?


Where does the content come from?

The content used is the first few hundred words of your original blog post. This is what's syndicated out to your social profiles. There are idea on the feature suggestion board to mix in related RSS news, images an d videos - so please vote for this if you want it added.

Will my posts become duplicate content?

As it's just the first snippet of your post, and all these sites will be linking back to you anyway - then definitely not. Quite the reverse actually - you'll be credited for the links and seen as an authority for that piece of content in Google.


How do I know I'll get good support?

If you've used WP Indexer (a index tracking plugin I released) then you'll already know how good the support is. 61% of all questions get answered within 1 hour. But unfortunately, I do need to sleep occasionally (I'm on UK time), so it might be a few hours longer :)

How can I get support?

Shoot me an email with any questions:

How long will bug fixes take?

Bug fixes get a higher priority than adding new features (it's important to move forward with a stable plugin). The bottom line is that bug fixes will be done pretty much as soon as I'm aware of them. But I need your help with this... if you spot something please let me know :)

Is there documentation?

Yes. There's a selection of basic articles that go into setting up the plugin and moving around the plugin. I'm also writing a series of more advanced articles going into depth on getting the most from the plugin. Then there's the Link Mastery Guide I'm in the middle of, which I'll email you when it's ready.

How much experience do I need to use this?

Enough to know how to use WP, and the basics of SEO. If you know why you need links, then you'll be able to use this. If not you should get the basics of SEO down first so you can make the most of WPL when you get a copy.


Will I be charged monthly?


Will I be charged update fees for new features?


Is there a guarantee?

Yes. Any time within 30 days, if you change your mind for any reason please email me and I'll refund everything you paid. I just ask that if you've got a problem before then, to ask me - I'm very happy to help :)

What if I need more than 77 blogs?

Shoot me an email and I'll let you know how to get more.

What payment methods do you accept?

  • Visa / Mastercard / Eurocard
  • Bank / Wire Transfer
  • American Express
  • PayPal
  • JCB
  • Discover / Novus
  • Diners Club
  • Fax
Note: All these are processed through our payment processor, Avangate. We don't take PayPal directly, only through Avangate.

I've got more questions...

Please email me and I'll help you when I see the email come in:



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