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This article will give you a 50,000 foot view of what Linker is, what it can do for you, and how it works. If you've got any general questions that arn't covered here, please shoot me an email and I'll help you out.

WP Linker will automatically get you link wheels, pyramids or other link-structures by posting to web 2.0 sites. Currently there are 5 sources at the moment but there's not a limit to the number of accounts you can have on each site.

Why should I use WP Linker?

You'll want to use WP Linker if you've got a Wordpress blog and you want to increase the number of links to each post. This will help with your link-building campaigns, and with enough accounts, you'll be able to have complete campaigns lasting up to 6 months for each post. With the graph on the dashboard, you'll be able to see how many links WPL has got over time. You can use this information to see which link-structure gets you the best traffic and rank increases.

What does WP Linker do specifically

Every time a post is made, WP Linker....

  1. As the post is made, it will stack up all the steps for that post, ready to be queued when it's time for that step.
  2. When it's the time for the step, WP Linker will move that step into the queue to be completed.
  3. Every time wp_cron (or your server cron job) is run, it will process the next step in the queue.(if any)
  4. When processing a step, it will select a random account from the relevant lists for each submission.
  5. The submission is completed, the link is checked and WP Linker moves on to the next submission for that step.
  6. If a submission fails for any reason, WPL will cancel other steps linking to it.(Broken chain)
  7. After every post,step and submission, WPL will log the results, which you can view in the 'Queue tab'.
  8. Dashboard statistics are then updated, ensuring you know what's going on at a glance.

To check how many links have been successfully placed, click on the dashboard and it will show the number in the green section at the top left of the dashboard.

You'll need to add accounts to WP Linker for it to get links, you can do this by entering them into lists, more info on how to add them is here. You can add as many accounts as you wish, the more accounts you add the better link diversity you'll have, and the bigger link-structures you'll be able to make.

Here's the sites supported so far:

  1. Twitter
  2. Delicious
  3. Diigo
  4. Livejournal
  5. Wordpress (both free hosted and self hosted)

When you've added your accounts in lists, you can go to the syndication tab and make the link-structure you want for each post. WP Linker will then create the your link profile for every post you publish; there is no limit to the number of steps, or the number of accounts.

WP Linker acts differently depending on which site it's creating a link for:


It will grab the title of your post and tweet this with a link, and randomly add hashtags and smileys.

Bookmarking Sites

It will post the link to your post, with tags and a description if possible.


It will post the first X words of your post, with a read more link below. 


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