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The queue tab is the place you'll want to visit to see exactly whats going on, and where WPL is up to.

When you first click on the tab, you'll see a list of posts that WPL is making(or has made) links for.




In this section it will display the title of the post that WPL is making links for. The posts will appear here as soon as they're published and you'll be able to track them from here. This section is limited to 20 posts, and these will be your most recent ones.

The titles are linked to the post, so if you're unsure of which post it is, click on the title and it'll open up the post in a new window.

Current Step

This shows you which step (from the syndication tab) WPL is on. Here you can see how many steps are done/left for the post. It's important to note that these show sucessfull steps completed, showing you how much of your link-structure is complete. If a step fails, WPL cancels further steps (broken chain) and this number will stay on the last successfully completed step.

This appears as two numbers X/Y, where X is the current step and Y is the total steps for that post.

Next Action

This displays when the next step is due to be completed, this is taken from your syndication settings. This will show something like "In 2 hours".

The '+' Button

Clicking on this button will show more information. When you click on it it will bring up all the steps for that post, and where each one is up to. It also shows where each one is linking.

When a step is complete, you will see another "+" button next to it. If you click this it will bring up all the submissions for that step, showing when it was submitted, which service was used, and the outcome (success/failed). 



Here you will also see an icon for the log file. If you click this it will take you to the log for that submission. This is mainly for debugging, but you're welcome to have a look to see what happened.


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