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You need to add the accounts you wish to use for link-building into lists using the lists tab.

{picture of list tab}

To add a list click on the 'Add list' button.

{picture of add list section}

Here you can name the list, and add accounts to it. The accounts need to be in the following formats...


Wordpress can be either self-hosted or hosted.

So, for example if you had a twitter account with username 'account' and password '123', you would enter that account like this:

An important thing to remember is that only 1 account from each account type (Twitter,Wordpress,etc) can be used per syndication step, more on that here.

Click here to find out where to get the information on each account.

When you have entered all the accounts you wish to be in that list, click 'save' and it should give you a success message. If you get an error message you may have entered the details wrong. Also make sure there are no blank lines in between your accounts, or Linker won't be able add them properly.

Once you've added all the lists you need, you can view your lists in the lists tab. You can view or delete the lists from here.

Viewing the lists

Clicking on the view button next to a list will open a new section which displays all the accounts in that list.

You will be able to see the last time an account was used, if it has been paused (an account gets paused whenever it has failed to get a link) or if the account is banned (coming soon). Most, if not all your accounts should be showing as 'active'.



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