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To download WP Commenter log into your Codex Plugins portal, and go to the WP Commenter section. Then enter the domains you want to install it on and the server will encode a copy for the domains listed at the time you click download.

To Install, just install like any other plugin, via FTP or in the Wordpress admin panel.



To configure WP Commenter activate the plugin, then go to it's settings. Here you can:

WP Commenter takes your spintax from the template section and uses this to post comments onto the blog using your other settings.

After configured, WP Commenter will add comments to your specifications to every single post you publish. If you don't like a comment, simply delete it. There are more features coming to the plugin and you can vote on the next ones to be integrated.

To update to a newer version of the plugin either:


Do this in the Codex Plugins portal and click 'upgrade all' and you should get a green bar for each domain saying 'upgraded_ok!'. That's it, you're plugins are upgraded.

Manual Upgrades

If for any reason the auto-update does not work for you (some hosts/server configurations do not allow this), then you can still log in and download the updated version and update manually by deleting the old plugin, then installing the new one normally.


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