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Right, this is where the magic happens...

Spintax is added here to make you're comments, you write a sentence with things that can change in nests, then you type all the things that could change to in that nest. It will be easier if I show you...

{  =  Open nest

}  = Close nest

|  =  New option


The {cat|fox} ran over the {road|field}.

This would have 4 possible sentences:

The cat ran over the road.

The cat ran over the field.

The fox ran over the road.

The fox ran over the field.


And if you add more to each nest, or add more nests, there will be a greater number of variations...

The {cat|fox|rabbit|man|chimp|ninja} {ran|walked|strolled|sauntered|pelted|hobbled} {over|across} the {field|farmyard|playing field|graveyard|garden|road}


You can also have up to 10 nests inside each other...

{The {cat|fox|rabbit|man|chimp|ninja}|A {random|happy|laughing} person}


So you're spintax might look something like this:

{{Thanks|Cheers} for the {article|post}|{Wow|Amazing|Cool}, interesting read|This really made me think|I completely agree|You've made some good points}, {it's really helped me to understand|thanks for sharing!|I've been looking for this|you really know what you're talking about}. {I will be adding you to my RSS reader|Looking forward to your next post}

To make it more manageable, you can have various spintax comments - use a hash on a new line to say it's a new one...


{cat|dog} is good
{another|some} comment



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