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Log Error Messages

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     Explanations for possible log messages

There’s no explanation for the first 3 because I’m sure you can work out when they’ll appear However, for any log messages to appear you must have first chmod’d the log file to 777.

Plugin activated!

Plugin settings updated!

Plugin deactivated.

Index Unparsable

The Google cache HTML or Google SERP HTML wasn’t recognised, so WPI couldn’t update the index status. This probably means Google changed something and WPI needs updating.

WPI starting to process post_id=

This appears simply to help you identify where each post begins to be checked in the log file, for easy scanning.

Can't...because 2 errors were found! Errors detected-can't run plugin

These are the same errors that may appear on the dashboard and settings page. They’re all related to plugin settings, or the wp/php/server environment. This message indicates that nothing can be done in the plugin until you resolve these errors.

No point checking post index status because the homepage isn't indexed yet

To stop wasting server resources, if your blog’s homepage isn’t indexed yet WPI won’t check the index status of posts. The thinking is that is the homepage isn’t indexed, there’s close to zero chance of the posts being in Google. If you’re seeing this and you know your homepage is indexed, you can speed up the re-checking of your homepage index status by deactivating then reactivating the plugin. The status of everything will then be re-checked in 2-3 minutes.

Couldn't load class WPI_Curly!

This is the PHP class that handles bulk web requests, and is used for the speedy pinging functionality. Without it, WPI can’t execute many of it’s functions. If you get this, the first step should be to re-install the plugin as a file may have gone missing.

Couldn't load class WPI_SIP! / Couldn't load stop words-can't detect tags!

The first error is essentially the same as the WPI_Curly one above, but this file handles extracting keywords from post content for tags. The second error means that a txt file required for the SIP class to work couldn’t be found. It should be located here:

cURL functions not installed on server!

WPI requires cURL on your server to make web requests. This is a very standard and comes by default with almost every hosting package I’ve seen or heard about.

Index Timeout

When checking the index status of a page on your blog, the Google cache request timeout out. Usually nothing to worry about, as it will work the next time WPI tries. Google is normally very speedy, so this should be a rare error.

Not Yet Indexed

If a post isn’t indexed yet, this is the message in the log. It might be indexed next time we check.

Index Refused

Google returned a HTTP status code that wasn’t 400 (not found) or 200(ok). This means that something went wrong and Google couldn’t deliver the request to WPI. A few of these here and there and there’s nothing to worry about. But if you see lots of these it may mean Google’s rate limiting requests from your IP and you should lower the number of posts
you check every 1 minutes.

Indexed on ...

When WPI checks the index status of a post and it’s indexed OK, this appears in the log. The could appear multiple times for the same page (usually separated by several weeks, and unindexed posts are always checked first).

Index Redirect

Sometimes when the Google cache can’t understand the query you send, it will simply redirect you to a Google search results page, thinking you meant to search for something. So if you see this in the logs it means WPI may be sending broken queries to Google, and an update could be required.

Log size larger than 10k entries. Trimming...

This is an automatic WPI cleanup operation to keep your log file size under control. Once you reach 10k lines you’ll see a bunch of these. At that point you should probably manually clear the log, via the “Clear Log” button on the log page.

Post id 3 is invalid!

This means that WPI has detected a post_id that isn’t actually valid. This error is setup mainly as a precaution to stop unknown errors, and it should never appear. Something’s definitely wrong if you see this one.

Unable to connect to ...

When WPI tries to aquire a new homepage link, sometimes the target site will take too long to respond. WPI has a timeout of 7 seconds in place for all web requests, to ensure that the odd slow site doesn’t slow down your blog. If you see this, the same site will probably work fine the next time WPI tries. If you find repeated fails for the same URL, let me know and I’ll remove that one from the plugin.

Homepage link gathered

When a homepage link has been confirmed as existing on a particular URL, you’ll see this along with the full URL where you link has appeared.

Homepage link not found

The opposite of the above. The homepage link wasn’t actually found on the target URL, so we won’t bother pinging anything here.

Added 2 auth links for post_id=

When authority pingback links are added to your post content, you see this confirmation line.

Ping Blocked: We won't ping now as we did so in the last 30 mins

This is a safety feature of WPI to stop your IP or domain getting flagged as pinging too often. WPI will resume pinging (for new posts, not retroactively) once it’s 30mins later than the last session of bulk pinging.

Ping Timeout

Similar to the “Index Timeout” message, this one appears when a ping service didn’t respond within 7 seconds. It’s usual for a few of these to appear, just because ping services are generally under heavy load at most times. Unless your log is filled with these, everything’s normal.

Ping HTTP Error

If a ping service didn’t return a status code of 200 (meaning everything went ok) then you see the message.

Ping Failed

The ping service in question returned malformed XML, so WPI couldn’t tell what they were saying. With this error might be the actual message the ping service returned, if any.

Ping Rejected

An error was returned with the ping service’s message. The error will be shown, and is usually something like “temporary failure” or “you’ve already pinged this blog”.

Ping OK: 97 pings executed successfully

An aggregated confirmation message showing the number of successful pings. Pings that went OK don’t appear on their own line because it would bloat your log out to unmanageable levels.

Added these tags to post_id=3...

When tags are added for a new post, WPI show this line along with a list of the keyword tags it added.


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