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Settings: Smart Pinging

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We let WP handle the pinging of the main post. But URLS (and feeds) for the post category, tags, author etc all don't get touched, and take much longer for Google to take notice of. We don't want to neglect these pages as they can all pass PageRank and also help to shape and improve your overall Site Theme. So by pinging these URLs you're getting a real benefit in the form of increased Googlebot activity, which leads to all the benefits mentioned in this guide.

But there's 2 catches when bulk pinging...

One is speed. It's dog slow to ping 100's URLs one-at-a-time. So WPI will do pings asynchronously for maximum speed. This also means that it works fine on shared hosting because script execution time is very short.

The second gotcha is rate limiting and IP banning. If we ping the same service too much they tend to get annoyed, and worst case they blacklist your URL or IP. Which we don't want. So WPI divides its internal ping list between all the URLs that need pining each time it runs. It only gives a few pings to each URL to ensure that pings are spread over different services. Plus WPI will outright block any mass-ping activity more often than once every 30 mins for added safety.


Recommended Setting:

I keep this on, as it allows the pining functionality of several other WPI features. Pinging is a core promotional method in this plugin, so you’ll want this box checked.


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