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Some people (I hope not too many anymore) are afraid of linking out to relevant sites because it might "leak" PageRank.There's only so much PR you can lose like this, and linking out helps to improve a page's theme relevance.

With the Auth Links in WPI you get pingbacks too. So there's a source of automated links right here. (WPI will only link out to relevant BLOGS, so there's a great chance of pingbacks for each post.) Plus Google's end game is user experience. (Well arguably it's just profit via user experience, but we'll call it U.E. for the sake of conversation).

Linking out sensibly to related blogs really does help your blog readers, and whatever algorithms Google uses today or tomorrow - that's what they're working towards rewarding.

Recommended Setting:

WPI may not be able to insert the full 9 links if you choose that, but I prefer to use 2-3. Much more than that and things start to look a little artificial. However you’ll get more links by using a higher number. So you’re balancing results with how natural the content looks.


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