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this is where all the interesting stuff happens. You’ll usually only be setting this once then forgetting about this page, unless you’re doing testing and tinkering to find what works best for your blog.

Plugin Status


Before anything else can happen you should check this box. When this is unchecked nothing will happen. It’s useful to turn this off if you want to quickly stop the plugin doing anything for a few days but still see the stats.

Relevant Tags


There's more going on here than meets the eye, and it deserves a deeper explanation that you’d at first think. This feature improves the on-page theme of your posts and helps get more pages into Google's main index...

Homepage Links


Getting you a homepage link every time you make a post.

Authority Pingbacks


Relevant in content links to other blogs.

RSS Pinging


Pinging lots of different url's to get you a great deal more spider activity.

Index Check Quantity


How many posts to check status every 15 minutes.

Smart Pinging


Using it's internal ping list, this will divide them between posts to ensure you don't get banned/blocked.

Unindexed Related Posts


Shows a list of related posts below each you make.







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