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Dashboard Overview

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As you will see, the dashboard is the main area of WPI where you can see all your stats at a glance. The dashboard is split into the following sections...

Post Indexation

This shows you what percent of your WP posts are indexed, unindexed or (so far) unchecked by WP Indexer. You can hover over the pie chart sections to see the specific numbers. Posts get their own pie chart because I consider them to be “Grade 1” blog content. WP makes many other pages which aren’t of as high quality each time you make a new post, and they’re shown in a table...

Indexation Overview

This table shows all the different categories of content on your blog, and how well they’re indexed. The “Posts” numbers are the same as the pie chart. The “Homepage” number should only ever be 0/1 or 1/1 because you’ve only got the 1 homepage. Now the other 2 rows, Tags and Authors are what I’m calling “Grade 2” content on your blog. That’s because they just contain archive style listings with content from other posts.

Key Activity Today

These 3 dials show you what’s happened today on your blog in a few key areas. They only count actions done by WP Indexer, so they won’t necessarily show the total for these stats over your whole blog.

Next Index Times

When you first install the plugin this section will be a bit sparse. That’s because you won’t have chosen how many posts to check every 15 minutes yet on the settings page.I read this paragraph regularly (especially after saving different settings) to confirm when things will happen. There’s more detailed information about WPI’s post checking under the settings section.


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