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WP Indexer Setup

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Firstly, thanks for joining the WPI plugin members area.

First Steps

To download the plugin:

Please note, if you wish to add a domain at a later date, you will have to add the domain and re-download (any previous blogs do not need to be updated).

The first thing you’ll probably notice when you activate the plugin on your blog is these error messages;

WPI is turned off so nothing will happen. Turn it on in the settings.


WPI needs to log it's activity in a text file, but it's not writable by your server. You need to chmod the following file to 777 in your FTP program:/wp-content/plugins/wp-indexer/txt/log.txt

WPI will show any errors at the top (and also on the settings page) so you can see what to do.

The first one is simple, just go to the settings page and turn the plugin on then click save.

To fix the second one you’ll need to log in to your server via FTP and “chmod” WPI’s log file to 777. You’ll only have to do this once, and it allows WPI to record everything it does in that txt file.


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